How To Survive The Upcoming Nuclear World War 3


Continuation from Friday......STEP #2: Find a safe location for your family.

This step applies to everyone, regardless of whether or not you live in a safe or impacted area. Just remember, you don't want to be around population centers. Large or small. As was suggested above, societies throughout the world will deteriorate. Impacted or not.  As such, you want to be as far away from everyone as possible.  Separation from others will become your best weapon for survival.

Best Options If You Have Money and are Able to Move Around

Stick to Western societies. Essentially, you will have two options.

  1. Central Australia:  Scarcely populated, large open spaces.  And while coastal Australia will be nuked, this large body of land will not be impacted in its center. Making it a perfect location to setup a small household for your family to wait out the war.
  2. Central Canada (some parts of Alaska): If you prefer the cold, would like to remain in North America and don't mind sharing your habitat with the polar bears, Canada is your best bet. While large population centers in Canada will be targeted, the rest of the country and its wilderness will be able to avoid the impact.

Contrary to a popular believe, the USA would not be a good place to wait out the war. For a number of reasons.   First, the U.S. will be the primary target in the nuclear war. If you are lucky enough to survive initial strikes, subsequent radioactive fallouts are likely to do you in. Second, the US is just too well connected for you to have the ability to be "off the grid" and far away from all major population centers. Finally, the US population is heavily armed and it will become violent once the society deteriorates.  Putting your family in an unnecessary danger.

Best Options If You Are Unable or Unwilling to Move Away From Your Home Country.

Yet, if you are unable or unwilling to move away from your home country, the following plan of action is your best bet. (Please Note: This applies to those who are willing to move as well).

  1. Locate an off the grid piece of land that is at least 300 miles away from any population center.  The more difficult it is to get there, the better.  Stay away from major roads. Make sure that a nearby clean source of water is available. Also, make sure that the land is fertile enough to farm on.
  2. Buy this piece of land. Do not buy it outright; get a loan if you can. By the time the war ends it is highly probable that neither your bank nor your IOU will exist.
  3. Build a simple one story house for your family and yourself. Just big enough to accommodate all of your needs. Try to hide or camouflage it the best you can.  Remember, you wouldn't want to attract attention.  Even from the air.
  4. Build a small underground bunker/space on the property. Just in case.
  5. Rely on solar power as your primary source of power.

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10 thoughts on “How To Survive The Upcoming Nuclear World War 3

  1. A lot of unanswered questions. If its nukes how long can you stay under ground ? Sure they use “clean” bombs but when everyone starts coming up will they over there and those here us the older dirtier bombs that would not have gotten through in the first round? What about all the atomic plants and waist storage sites that may go critical? How about the mutation of food sources , we have done some modifications , would that make GMO’s more likely to mutate ? What about all the biological things we have played with they may not mutate in a controlled lab but in a high fluctuating radiation situation or maybe just living in the billions of rotting dead.
    There is also the world wide fire ( both above and below ground) and the melted ice caps , water pollution from the decay of billions of dead things ? WW3 will change the weather so that wind and rain may bring death through radiation and or sickness.
    Just one last question what do you do about the children born under ground???

  2. Alex, central Australia would indeed be nuked.
    The US/AUS communications bae at Pine Gap, near Alice Springs, is very close to the literal and geograhical centre of OZ.
    That said, if nuked, it’s only the base, Alice Springs, Tennant Creek and a bunch of ranches and mining holdings that will be affected.
    Rest of the country would not even notice it, assuming they were alive to not notice it… 🙂

  3. Alex, in case of global nuclear war, the best would be to commit suicide. Seriously, did u see the movie THREADS that was filmed by BBC in 80’s ? If yes, you must know that nuclear fallout would cause the temperature decrease the so called nuclear winter. Nobody would survive as it would be dark and cold outside for a few decades. Therefore no agriculture possible, all water resources undrinkable.Would a life in an underground bunker have a meaning? How many years can one survive in a bunker?

    Generally I think the best areas to hide would be in South America or small islands in Pacific or South Africa.

  4. so is the southern tip of south America the best place to go???? south pacific islands will be too much radiation ect–like flooded—alex let me have your expert opinion

  5. Sometimes I wish heroes were real so that our Earth would be a lot safer.Like in a world war they could like, you know help us out a bit.LOL saying this in a ww3 article

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