As NATO Pushes Russia, How Long Before An All Out War Erupts?

NATO Expansion 1990 Vs 2009

NATO Expansion 1990 Vs 2009

I continue to scratch my head while trying to figure out exactly what the US and NATO are trying to do as they push Russia into a corner. While the Western Media outlets would lead you to believe the situation in Ukraine is getting better, the overall picture remains troubling as the US Military Industrial complex seeks out an outright conflict. Russia considers NATO buildup near its borders as demonstration of hostility - deputy FM

“Do Finland want to start World War III,” asks the Russian President’s personal envoy Sergei Markov ahead of Lavrov´s visit to Turku.

At least in this case I do not believe this has anything to do with "Russian Propaganda" as the map above speaks for itself. Add a few more years and a few countries to the blue map above and you have Russia nearly encircled. This would be equivalent to having a massive Russian military buildup in Canada, Mexico, Cuba, the Atlantic and the Pacific. Does Russia pose a threat? I don't believe so and I don't see it.

Point being, anticipate this situation to escalate further as the war mongers in Washington seek world domination. 


As NATO Pushes Russia, How Long Before An All Out War Erupts?  Google

3 thoughts on “As NATO Pushes Russia, How Long Before An All Out War Erupts?

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  2. This is a really stupid post. Unless you were born in 1950 and you think the world was born then too, the natural east-west border is precisely to where It stands now. That a bunch of countries west of that border joined a thing called the eu is irrelevant. Poland does not belong to Russia. The Baltic states do not belong to Russia. That there are Russians in either of them is an attribute to Russian westward imperialism.

    do you honestly believe the eu is a race-free spin-off of the nazi post war plan that was proposed to the corporates? The plan rally europe under one umbrella and issue a re-challenge to the east?

    • Russian westward imperialism? When did Russia expand westwards? (excluding WW2 time period) You don’t get it. Russia sees NATO expansion as a major threat. That is why Russia will go to war over Ukraine to prevent NATO from spreading. Go and ask Putin if he sees the EU/US and NATO as a bunch of peace loving liberals. And I have never said anything about Europe being spin-off of Nazi Germany. Don’t put words in my mouth. I said that NATO will lead everyone into war and that will be the case.

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