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"Alex's market analyses are some of the most accurate I have seen.  He got his subscribers short for the October 2014 correction and covered almost at the nadir.  His subsequent call of an early December top of 17,990 was astonishingly accurate.  The actual peak was 17,991 followed by a -5% drop.  I enjoy his daily updates in which he provides clear price and timing parameters.  Predicting both price and time is exceptionally difficult to do and it is a very rare ability amongst technicians.  Alex has made me a believer in his cycle method.  Overall, an excellent service!”
–  Demeter Capital

(Here Is What This Is All About In 2-Minutes Or Less)

Over the last 10-15 years I have developed highly advanced mathematical work that shows me exactly WHEN
the stock market/stocks will turn.


"Timing Is The Most Important Element.  I Am Now Making This Information Available To Others" - Alex Dvorkin


  1. My advanced mathematical work shows you exactly what the stock market will do in both price and time......with extreme accuracy.
  2. By implementing my risk averse trading approach to investing in addition to proper timing techniques we allow you to come as close as anyone possibly can to eliminating risk.
  3. As you can understand, by implementing the steps above you should be able to generate outsized returns while minimizing risk....fast.

In other words, by having access to my work you will.......

Make A Tremendous Amount Of Money With Very Little Risk....Fast.

So, Who Can Benefit From My Work?

Novice or Amateur

  Professional Traders
& Investors
You don’t really have to do much outside of following my portfolio allocation & trading advice. Simply follow what I do and that in itself should generate huge returns for you over time.    Once you know what the stock market is going to do and/or where the next turning point is you can run your own investment strategies in order to benefit from the upcoming moves .

american economic recovery investwithalex

Here are just a few benefits that come to mind.

  • Ability To Outperform The Market & Other Money Managers By A Large Margin.
  • Ability To Generate Outsized Returns & To Make A Lot Of Money.
  • Ability To Minimize Risk Through The Use Of Exact Forecasts and Trading Rules.
  • Ability To Know What The US Economy and Financial Markets Will Do Over The Next Few Years or Decades. (giving you ample time to make necessary personal and/or business adjustments).

What Else Do You Need To Know?

  • Do you need more information?  If you would like to learn more about our mathematical work, timing approach, see customer reviews, sample work, guarantees, limitations, Q&A, etc.... Please Click Here
  • This service is available to only 20 new subscribers per month due to my hedge fund contractual obligations. Do not wait to start your free trial as it might become unavailable later on.
  • Listen, instead of hyping up what I can do and my advanced mathematical/timing work, I will let you test my work and research for 14-daysrisk free and for FREE.  Thereafter, my service is just $49/month -OR- $299/year.

"If you don’t believe I deliver as per my outline above or if you don’t like the service for any other reason, simply let me know before your 14-day trial is over and your credit card will never be charged. Otherwise, cancel at any time. It is as simple as that. Now, would I offer such a deal if my work didn't perform as per my exact specifications above? I don't think so". - Alex Dvorkin 


I Am Sorry...
This Subscription Is No Longer "Freely" Available

Due to high a demand for this service and due to my contractual obligations to a large hedge fund, this service is now limited to 20 new monthly subscribers. 

Further Explanation: My largest client, a multibillion dollar hedge fund has asked me to

  1. Limit the number of new subscribers to 20 individual investors per month in order to limit the number of people who have access to this information and
  2. Refuse access to all other hedge fund or mutual fund managers.

This is an unfortunate development, but there is very little I can do. Please follow the steps below to gain access to this service. Please note, you will still have a 14-day free trial and a complimentary book if an invitation to join is e-mailed to you.

Step #1: Please click on the “Reserve Your Spot” button below and input your name and email.

Step #2: We will run your name against a database of hedge fund and mutual fund managers. (If you are a professional money manager, due to my contractual obligations, your request for subscription will be denied. Please contact me personally if you are still interested. Otherwise, your privacy is of utmost importance to us. You name will simply be run against a database of big money managers…your information will not be shared or used for anything else).

Step #3: You will receive an email from us within 24-48 hours(If your subscription is approved you will either be granted access right away or be put on the waiting list. That depends on a number of subscriptions we have left for the month (if any). That is why it is important to request access as soon as possible. We will let you know how long the wait is once we email you back).

Again, you will still have a 14-day free trial and a complimentary book if an invitation to join is e-mailed to you within 24-48 hours. I do apologize for this somewhat confusing process that requires your patience, but this is the best solution that we could come up with to make my work available to you while satisfying my contractual obligations. Thank you for your understanding.

***Please DO NOT “Reserve Your Spot NOW” if you have no intentions of signing up for a free trial. If you decide to forego the free trial after the invitation is sent to you, your name will be blacklisted & you will not be able to request this service again. Thank You!!!

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Warning: This Subscription Is Not Suitable For Day Traders
No Intraday Tradable Forecasts Will Be Provided