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"Alex's market analyses are some of the most accurate I have seen.  He got his subscribers short for the October 2014 correction and covered almost at the nadir.  His subsequent call of an early December top of 17,990 was astonishingly accurate.  The actual peak was 17,991 followed by a -5% drop.  I enjoy his daily updates in which he provides clear price and timing parameters.  Predicting both price and time is exceptionally difficult to do and it is a very rare ability amongst technicians.  Alex has made me a believer in his cycle method.  Overall, an excellent service!”

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To summarize, we combine our proprietary TIMING analysis with the most powerful investing and trading disciplines in existence (technical, fundamental, trend, Elliott Wave, etc..)

The Results Are Truly Incredible

High Precision Investment Approach For
All Types of Investors & Traders

Identifies High Probability Entry and Exit Points Often Just Pennies
From Actual Tops and Bottoms.

On Both Long & Short Term Charts and In The Most Popular Markets. Including...

S&P 500 Nasdaq
Russell 2000

US 10 Year Treasury Rate
Long-Term Treasuries ETF
Junk Bond ETFs
Municipal Bonds
Mining ETFs

Crude Oil and
Energy ETFs
Australian Dollar
British Pound

Canadian Dollar

US Dollar Index Japanese Yen



What If You Could Predict Not Only What The Stock Market Will Do
But Exactly WHEN It Will Happen.


Just imagine how much your investment returns would go up or just how much money you would be able to make while minimizing risk if you are able to predict the stock market or individual stocks with incredibly accuracy.


That Is Exactly What We Offer Here

 Dear Reader,

Alex Profile3My name is Alex Dvorkin and I am a hedge fund manager, mostly managing my own money, as well as the person behind the body of work presented on this site.

Back in 2006 the work described throughout this site nearly destroyed me. Literally. After making a number of very important mathematical breakthroughs I thought that I had finally broken the "stock market code". Blinded by greed, grandeur and pure stupidity I proceeded to make a lot of money within a relatively short period of time. Only to lose it all after one of my "overconfident" trades blew up in my face. Again, due to my own stupidity and greed.

Shortly thereafter, due to my psychological inability to manage money, I left the investment world to concentrate on my tech startup. That is exactly what I did until January 1st, 2014, when I decided to come back. Over the last few years I have invested a considerable amount of time perfecting my timing work and its accuracy. In addition, I have introduced a number to safety measures to minimize risk. The bottom line is, I believe that my mathematical and timing work is now ready to generate huge returns for all followers. It is my hope you can join us on this journey to the promise land of huge returns and very little risk.

However, before we get there let me tell what this is NOT......

  • What I am offering you here is not foolproof. Nothing in investing is foolproof or guaranteed. If you believe in such a thing, please look elsewhere. Market is a very complex entity. At this stage my advanced mathematical and timing work is only 85-90% accurate, but it's getting better.
  • I do not guarantee investment returns. No one can. I am simply indicating and forecasting when and at what price the stock market will turn around. I do fully disclose my fund's portfolio and all trades, but I leave it up to you, as individual investors, to make your own investment decision.
  • I manage my own portfolio and work with a very large hedge fund. I do not accept any money from outside investors. Please do not ask.

What this IS.....

  • This work is my blood, sweat and tears over the last 10-15 years. I have spent an incredibly amount of time on the study of financial markets and how they truly work. After learning everything I could about fundamental and technical analysis I found them to be lacking in one important area. TIMING. That is why I have spent the last 5 years of my life doing an in-depth scientific and mathematical research into the area. During that time I have made a number of significant breakthroughs that allow me to predict the market with precision of a surgeon. I do my best to make all of this information available to you here.
  • You get all of my knowledge compressed and presented to you in an easy to understand format and trading advice. Daily. Thereafter, you are free to either follow my trading/portfolio strategy or to build your own.
  • Following my work gives you the ability to know what the stock market or other financial instruments will do in both price and time. On multiple time frames. Giving you the ability to make a lot of money, outperform the market and minimize risk.

It is my hope that the information below answers the rest of your questions. If not, feel free to contact me at any time.

Thank you......Alex Dvorkin

 My advanced mathematical work shows you exactly WHEN...
the markets/stocks will turn.

In Both Price & Time


3d Timed Value Cover 2

Please Click On The Book To Learn The Secret Behind
My Advanced Mathematical Approach To The Stock Market Timing 
(*** Get the 2 free chapters to fully comprehend what I am doing)

Otherwise, please allow me to get straight to the point. I clearly understand that there are thousands of other subscription advisory services out there. Claiming all kind of things and promising you 1,000% returns within a few days, insider information, unbelievably profitable (and secret) trading strategies, etc...

It is just my hope that you are not gullible enough to believe in such exaggerated claims.


Instead, here is WHY you should choose my investment forecasting & timing service...

  • My proprietary and unique timing (mathematical) work allows me to predict the markets with pin point precision. In both time and price.
  • As such, I know what the market will do over the long and over the short term. So much so, that in the majority of the times I can identify turning points within hourly resolution and within a few points. Over multiple time frames and well before they occur.
  • I am a real fund manager, with real money on the line. Just like you. Plus, I will not be holding anything back. Everything I know, you will know.
  • I use an advanced trading strategy designed to minimize risk while maximizing returns. Everything I do in terms of portfolio allocation will be available to you as well.

This type of timing work and forecasting is unavailable anywhere else.

YES, what I am telling you here is that my mathematical and timing work allows me to predict the markets with great accuracy. To the point and to the day. As a result, by subscribing to my service you will be able to make a tremendous amount of money by knowing not only what happens in the future, but most importantly....exactly WHEN.


I believe it is the most advanced approach to investing,making money in the market and accumulating wealth. Why? Well, we combine all of the following disciplines into one.

Fundamental Research

We pride ourselves on our fundamental research. When analyzing individual stocks or industries we immediately dismiss all traditional media, other analysts and popular opinions. Instead, we concentrate on what really matters. Financial statements, management, competition, industry trends, valuation metrics, etc... Thereafter, we bring all of the above together to form our own conclusions.

Trend Following


While for the most part dismissed by most Value Oriented investors we believe trend following is incredibly important. For instance, it would be idiotic to invest in an undervalued issue or the overall stock market if the trend is clearly moving against your position. Doing so would lead to capital losses. As such, we always take trends into considerations prior to making any sort of an investment decision.

Technical Analysis

tech analysisWe use technical analysis to either confirm or to raise red flags in regards to our timing work. Most of the technical analysis field works with a shadow of true market representation. As such, we use technical analysis to confirm our timing work. When technical analysis deviates from our timing work, we take an in depth look to double check our upcoming investment thesis.

Macroeconomic Analysis

macroeconomics investwithalex

We believe that an in depth understanding of our microeconomic environment is a must prior to any capital allocation decision. Again, we dismiss most of the traditional sources and economist to perform such analysis on our own. In addition to confirming our timing work, it gives us a complete understanding of the markets and the economy.

Risk Management & Trading

basic-tradingWhile we can identify turning points with great precision and well into the future (sometimes to the hour) we continue to follow our strict risk management and trading rules. This helps us avoid large mistakes that can happen outside of our 85-90% accuracy range. In fact, we always require the market to confirm our turning point prior to making an investment decision and/or taking a position.




Timing is the most important element when it comes to the stock market investing or investing in general. We apply our timing analysis to confirm our overall market or individual issue investment thesis. Basically, timing becomes our primary investment analysis tool. We then proceed to use timing to confirm all of the above.


The stock market is not random as most people believe. It is a exact. Just as every element in existence has a structure behind it, so does the stock market. That structure can be determined though the use of proper mathematical models. Once the structure is understood, exact forecasts (well into the future) can be made. Thereafter, once we know what the stock market is going to do with the precision of a surgeon, we can make much better investment decisions.

Basically, most of the guesswork, uncertainty, volatility and risk associated with investing is taken out of the equation.


To gauge a full understanding and extent of my work I encourage you to read my book - Timed Value. You can get 2 free chapters on Timing and/or you can purchase the book Here. If you don't like it, send me an email and I will refund it in full.

To summarize the findings in the book. The market is not random or volatile. On the contrary, it is exact and predictable. I perform my analysis thought highly advanced mathematical work. Particularly, as I explain in the book, the stock market is not a 2-dimensional entity, changing price over time, but a much complex system that moves in 3 or more dimensional space.

Once the market structure is fully understood in such an environment, one can make exact forecasts well into the future. The time frame becomes to a certain extent irrelevant. An analyst working with this type of analysis would be able to predict the market with astonishing accuracy one week or 10 years into the future.

Let me give you just one example to prove my point. Please note the measurements below are in 3-Dimensional Value units. (please get the book or free chapters for better understanding).

Let's take a quick look at the real stock market example to see the amazing precision this particular technique can offer us.

I cannot overstate how amazing this chart is. Just a few points.

  • As we have already discussed, the move between 1994 bottom and 2000 top was 11,832 3-DV UNITS. The Dow topped at exactly 11,866 in January of 2000. Amazing!!!
  • The up move between 1994 bottom and 2000 top was 11,832 3-DV UNITS. The down move between 2000 top and 2002 bottom was 6,483 3-DV UNITS. When you combine both values together you end up with a value of 18,315 3-DV UNITS. The move took 9 years.
  • The up move between 2002 bottom and 2007 top was 10,156 3-DV UNITS. The down move between 2007 top and 2009 bottom was 8,137 3-DV UNITS. When you combine both values together you end up with a value of 18,293 3-DV UNITS. The move took 7 years.
  • The up move between 2009 bottom and 2015 top was 15,630 3-DV UNITS. The down move between 2015 top and 2016 bottom was 3,002 3-DV UNITS. When you combine both values together you end up with a value of 18,632 3-DV UNITS. The move took 7 years.

To summarize, the combined move (three legs) took 22 years and there was only 20-300 points of 3-DV UNITS of variance between the sections. This variance over the 22 year period of time can be attributed to as little as 2 trading days and a few hundred points on the Dow. This example alone should put to rest all claims that the stock market is random and unpredictable. Once again, when we identify the exact structure of the stock market through using our 3-Dimensional analysis we can time the market with great precision.

For example, if we understand the structure above we know that the move between 2002 bottom and 2009 bottom will be identical in 3-DV UNITS of the move between 1994 bottom and 2002 bottom. Just by having this information alone one should be able to figure out the stock market with great precision. Further, once we have hit the 2007 top on the DOW, any analyst using this technique knows that the upcoming down move will be exactly 8,127 3-DV UNITS. (18283-10156=8,127)

That would mean that once the 2007 top is confirmed you would know exactly where the market would bottom. So, while everyone is freaking out in the late 2008 and early 2009, you are either shorting the market and making a lot of money or you are setting yourself up for the upcoming bull market that you know will start in March of 2009.

I hope this clearly illustrates how powerful this 3-Dimensional analysis can be. Also, please keep in mind that the example above is just a tiny sample of the information available to you once 3-Dimensional analysis is performed. Again, once the market structure is fully understood you would know not only where but WHEN the market would turn.

Need More Information? Get 2 free chapters of my book. 


This Approach Works Wonders For Everyone

Novice or Amateur

  Professional Traders
& Investors
You don’t really have to do much outside of following my portfolio allocation & trading advice. Simply follow what I do and that in itself should generate huge returns for you over time.    Once you know what the stock market is going to do and/or where the next turning point is you can run your own investment strategies in order to benefit from the upcoming moves .

investment growthPlus, I can think of many other benefits. Here are just a few.

  • Ability To Outperform The Market & Other Money Managers By A Large Margin.
  • Ability To Generate Outsized Returns.
  • Ability To Make A Lot Of Money.
  • Ability To Avoid & Profit In Bear Markets.
  • Ability To Minimize Risk Through The Use Of Exact Forecasts and Trading Rules.
  • Ability To Know What The US Economy and Financial Markets Will Do Over The Next Few Years or Decades. (giving you ample time to make necessary personal and/or business adjustments).

Plus, many other.......


Here Is What You Get

  • Stock Market Timing and Directional Forecasts: Long term and short term. Identifying future turning points. Based on my timing work. Updated weekly.
  • End Of Day Updates: Based on my trading strategy and my timing work.
  • Portfolio Access & Trading History: Access to my portfolio and my trading strategy. Shared as soon as trades occur.
  • Intraday Updates & Trading: On the need to be basis and/or when the market is moving fast.
  • Monthly Stock Pick: On variable schedule or as they become available.
  • All emails are answered within 24 hours.

Full Access & Transparency

That is why my timing work and my services are unmatched.

PredictingFuture investwithalex


Instead of hyping up what I can do and my advanced mathematical/timing work, I will let you test my work and research for 14-days...risk free and for FREE.  Thereafter, my service is just $49/month -OR- $299/year. Everything is included in this one low price. Stock indices, commodities, bonds and currencies. 

Dow Jones
S&P 500 Nasdaq
Russell 2000
US 10 Year Treasury Rate
Long-Term Treasuries ETF
Junk Bond ETFs
Mining ETFs

Crude Oil and Energy ETFs
Australian Dollar British Pound
Canadian Dollar Euro
US Dollar Index Japanese Yen

Please subscribe below to see if this is the right fit for you. If you don't believe I deliver as per my outline above or if you don't like the service for any other reason, simply let me know before your 14-day trial is over and your credit card will never be charged. Otherwise, cancel at any time. It is as simple as that.

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I Am Sorry, BUT...
This Subscription Is No Longer "Freely" Available

Due to high demand for this service and due to my contractual obligations to a large hedge fund, this service is now limited to 20 new monthly subscribers. 

Further Explanation: My largest client, a multi-billion dollar hedge fund has asked me to limit the number of new subscribers to 20 individual investors per month in order to limit the number of people who have access to this information.

This is an unfortunate development, but there is very little I can do. Please follow the steps below to gain access to this service - it takes less than a minute. Please note, you will still have a 14-day free trial and a complimentary book if an invitation to join is e-mailed to you over the next 24-48 hours.

Step #1: Please click on the “Reserve Your Spot” button below and input your name and email.

Step #2: You will receive an email from us within 24-48 hours. If we have availability you will be granted access right away. And if not, you will be put on a waiting list. That depends on a number of subscriptions we have left for the month (if any). That is why it is critical that you request access as soon as possible. 

Again, you will still get a 14-day free trial and a complimentary book. I do apologize for this somewhat confusing process, but it is the best solution that we could come up with. It is the only way my work can remain available while I satisfy my contractual obligations. Thank you for your understanding.

Warning: This Subscription Is Not Suitable For Day Traders


If you are able to get an invitation to join our premium service, you will still have a 14-day free trial period. If you don’t believe I deliver as per my outline above or if you don’t like the service for any other reason, simply let me know before your 14-day trial is over and your credit card will never be charged.


Otherwise, cancel at any time. It is as simple as that. My only other guarantee is as follows. I will work my ass off to provide you with the best analytical work available on the face of this earth. If you find something better, please cancel your subscription.


jim SI have subscribed to many investment newsletters over the years. None of them come close to what you have done so far considering the price. I really enjoy your daily and weekly updates.  While I pick my own stocks, your turning points are incredibly helpful.  For the most part we are flying blind so it's always great to know what the market will do in the future.  It would be great if you can give us an annual forecast, but I understand your hesitation.  Congratulations on the job well done. Keep it up.....
Jim A.
Chicago, IL

Terry VI was very skeptical at first. I mean, come on. Timing the market? Even Warren Buffett tells people that timing the market is impossible.  My point of view changed when the market ran right into your turning point on February 19th, 2014 at the exact price and time you have described a week earlier.  I have never seen anything like that before.  How is that possible? I told myself there is no way it's going to happen and then  boom, the market runs right into your target and that's the exact spot where a multi week massive stock market rally stops. How do you do it? I can't tell you how incredibly excited I am about this. If your future turning points are as accurate as this one I will be making a bank. It's nice to know exactly where we are and how to approach the market. Cheers Mate!!!

Terry V.
Melbourne, Australia

annonymous pictureThank you for getting back to me and explaining your forecast in a more detailed fashion. It makes a lot more sense now. I have been using technical analysis and elliot wave over the last few years while trying to short the market. Unsuccessfully, I might add.  After your explanation I am reconsidering my entire approach. Now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense.  I will be implementing your turning points into my system to see if that makes a difference.

Mark D.
Los Angeles, CA 

andrew kI am still scratching my head. Not sure how you are able to do it,but your forecasts have been spot on thus far.

Andrew K.
Fort Worth, TX


aaron tFor the first time in my life I am starting to understand what the market is doing and why it is doing it. Thank you Alex. Great daily updates and trading advice. I haven't yet taken any of the positions you describe, but I am getting ready. It gives me a lot of comfort knowing that I will be taking the same positions as you will. Plus, I like your approach to risk management. I think waiting for a confirmation and having exact points of entry and exit are good ideas.
Aaron T.
New York, NY


Q. Is Your Work Similar To Elliot Wave?

A. Elliot Wave is too simplistic as the stock market structure is a lot more complicated. Elliot Wave picked out a repeating pattern out of the stock market structure and then applied it to everything. It is a good pattern and I know exactly why that pattern occurs. Yet, EW work represents about 5% of my work. Same thing with the Dow Theory. And I am being generous. Both systems look at pattern recognition. That is not enough. Again, the stock market is a much more complex entity. It moves in multi-dimensional space, tracing out points of force. When we apply mathematics, we begin to see its exact structure, giving us the ability to make exact forecasts into the future. Elliot Wave doesn't do that. Not even close.

Q. Is Your System Fool Proof?

A. Yes and No. It's hard to explain, but the stock market is a dynamic "Life" entity. Through the use of mathematics we can predict it with great accuracy. However, at this stage it is only 85-90% correct as I am not 100% done putting all of the pieces together. Yes, we can get incredibly accurate results, but we (as investors and traders) must always be ready to adjust our position in 10-15% of the cases where our work is incorrect. That is why market confirmations become incredibly important. By implementing proper positioning and trading technique we can bring our level of accuracy to about 95%. Plus, I am working hard on the remaining 5%.

Q. Where Can I Learn More?

A. You can buy my book Here.

Q. Who can benefit from either learning this system or following you?

A: Everyone! Let me explain – whether a you are a beginner, a passive 401K investor, a market enthusiast, a sophisticated investor or a professional trader/investor... you can benefit greatly from using Timed Profits. Simply put, you will know, well into the future, exactly what the stock market is going to do. And that will allow you to minimize risk while increasing returns.

The best part is, ANYONE can do this. If you are beginner you can simply follow my lead, trades and portfolio allocation. If you are an experienced market practitioner, you can build or implement your own investment strategy around my forecasts.

Q: How is Timed Profits better than any other newsletter, subscription or advisory service?

A: As of right now I am aware of only one other person on the face of this Earth who processes this same knowledge. And he is not talking.

Please understand, this is not a simple approach where I use technical, fundamental, trend, etc.... analysis that everyone else uses to predict the markets. My work is incredibly unique, highly structured and precise. I use mathematical analysis that goes well beyond typical stock market analysis. As a matter of fact, it is in a league of its own. I approach the stock market from a completely different vantage point and as such provide incredibly accurate forecasts. In short, I am different because I can predict the markets with precision of a surgeon. I am not aware of anyone else who can do the same.

I suggest that you try the service first. If you disagree with any of the above after the fact, please cancel before your trial period is over.

Q: I have tried other similar offers with similar promises, but I have not experienced the results I expected. Why would your system be any different?

A: Few programs have the scientific and mathematical backing that I offer. Plus, there is no way I would risk my personal credibility and my multi-million dollar hedge fund business by offering you something that doesn’t work as I say it does.

Here is what I suggest. Please get and read my book to fully understand what it is that I do when it comes to the stock market analysis and timing. If you have any interest thereafter, I suggest that you register for our premium service free trial and see for yourself. If you don't believe it's for you or if you don't believe I deliver, simply cancel before your trial period is up and you will never be charged. My work speaks for itself. It is as simple as that.


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