Nuclear World War 3 Is Coming Soon.When, How & Why (Full Report)

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Quick Update: May of 2015: Over the last few months quite a few people told me that my timing is off. Questioning my work and suggesting that this war will start much sooner than 2029. Well, it's NOT going to happen.  My cycle work is exact. What I talk about below represents approximately 5% of my work. I left quite a bit of stuff out. Every single war, including smaller wars, can be predicted with these cycles. Either through the primary 84 year war cycle or its smaller counterparts. 

Let me give you another quick example that I didn't mention in the book/report below. The US entered World War 1 in April of 1917. Exactly 84 years from that date brings us into April of 2001. Just 5 months shy of September 11th, 2001 and the start of Iraq/Afghanistan/Terror wars. In other words, scary accurate. I rest my case.    

ATTENTION: You have asked for it and I have decided to do it. Due to an overwhelming popularity of this post I have decided to write an extended version of this report and put it in the book format. The Book Is Now Ready

***Book published in December of 2014.

book - small coverThe Nuclear World War 3 Is Coming Soon: Shocking TIME Formula Reveals Exactly When How & Why. Learn When and Save Your Family.  The title says it all. (74 standard book pages)

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A Few Excerpts From The Book

If you want to see the rest of the information, please get the book. In addition to the excerpts below the book offers mathematical proof and the steps you need to take in order to save your family and yourself.  


Yes, this book should come with its own warning label. The subject matter discussed here is beyond hard to swallow. For most people. Try telling parents that their kids only have 15-20 years to enjoy life before their world is turned into a literal hell and you will get a death stare of a thousand knifes. Try telling Christians that there will be no Rapture before the gates of hell open up and they will curse your soul to ten thousand years of fiery hell.  Try telling religious leaders and scholars that the final war will NOT originate in or around Israel and they will laugh at you. Finally, try telling the rest of the populous that the war is coming and they will immediately dismiss you as one of those "The End Is Near" crazy sign holders with a free WI-FI connection.

Nevertheless, it is a book that I had to write in order to save the very few who will pay attention.   For others, I have a quick message. If you are closed minded enough to dismiss the message in this book purely on religious grounds or from a vantage point of sheer terror, I demand that you put this book down and move on.  There is no point in reading it. It will bring nothing but frustration and anger into your life.  Then email me at with a proof of purchase and I will gladly refund the entire amount (direct purchases only, not Amazon).

In essence, I have no desire to argue with people about the validity of my forecasts. My work speaks for itself and I hope you will see that throughout the book.  Finally, before you assume that I am sort of a doomsayer seeking to build some sort of a cult following, understand something very important. I am a very well to do and generally very happy. I do not have any interest in doom and gloom, I am simply reporting what my work indicates. As such, please don’t contact me or seek further guidance in regards to this report. Simply be aware that this is coming down the pipeline and decide what plan of action is best for your entire family.

"The Future"
I AM, and you are not, most likely my brothers and sisters
Soon, the Earth shall shake and roar in my honor
Shaking the dead weight and dirt of its surface
Draining the blood of the wicked and greedy
Purifying the oceans and the human spirit
Remain in your sleep you no longer my brothers and sisters
Open thy eyes and bask in my light
Open thy ears and hear my thunder
Open thy mouth and taste bitter ashes
Rejoice as the night is now over and the new morning is here
Join with my spirit and prosper forever
No One Can Stop Me

- Universal Consciousness

II thought long and hard whether or not I should publish this report and information. After careful consideration I have figured that if this information saves just one life and/or one family, it's worth it.

Report Summary: I plan to spend the 2029-2040 time frame at my beach house on one of the Islands somewhere in the South Pacific as the

  • Coalition of NATO Members and
  • Russia/China Alliance

.....NUKE each other back to the stone age.

Now, before you assume that I am sort of a doomsdayer seeking to build some sort of a cult following, understand something very important. I am a very well to do and generally very happy. I do not have any interest in doom and gloom, I am simply reporting what my work indicates.

I have learned a long time ago that I cannot change violent human nature NOR future. As such, please don't contact me or seek guidance in regards to this report. Simply be aware that this is coming down the pipeline and decide what plan of action is best for your family and yourself.

The Bible calls this period Armageddon, graphically describing its aftermath in the Book of Revelation.  Fortunately or unfortunately, I was able to figure out the exact time frame of this occurrence. By accident I might add. This report is to show you exactly why, how and when things will unfold.

I first became aware of the subject matter at hand during my research and analysis of future stock market cycles. After years of work with cycles and getting a fairly good understanding of the stock market composition (giving me the ability to predict the stock market with incredible accuracy) I came across something that puzzled me. When I got into the early 2030's something crazy happened.

After a strong run up (due to inflation, not fundamentals) the stock market proceeded to collapse to the tune of 90-95% within a 2 weeks time frame. At first, I thought that I got some of my calculations wrong, but after some verification my original work was confirmed. Which brought out an incredibly important question.

What can collapse the Dow Jones 90-95% within a two week period of time?

confused guy

I knew that it had to be something big. Such drops are unprecedented in the history of the stock market. As a matter of fact, it had never happened before. Even the 1929-32 collapse of 90% took 3 years to play out. So, what the hell could cause such a meltdown?

Sure, a natural catastrophe, an earthquake, giant tidal wave, meteor strikes, etc....are all a possibility. However, we are not talking about a specific region. We are talking about the entire stock market which represents every corner of Americana as a whole.  Some sort of a war is always a possibility, but for the market to collapse to such an extent so rapidly, it would have to be a nuclear war.

Is that even possible in today's world?

I had to find an answer and so began my research into the subject matter. Using the same cyclical analysis I use for the stock market work, it wasn't long before I found my answers. What I found shocked me to the core. The nuclear war is indeed coming. It will be fought between 2029-2032 and it will literally destroy the world and impact every human being on the face of the Earth, one way or another.  What I find fascinating, is that today's macroeconomic and geopolitical developments are already lining up for what is to come.

This report is to show you exactly what will transpire over the next 20 years and what you can do to in order protect yourself.


Every significant* American war has been fought exactly 84 years apart. Based on my work this is not a coincidence.  Let's take a look.

(*Significant can mean many things. In this case, it's the % of casualties based on total population).

Revolutionary War: Started in 1776.  Total American Casualties (killed and wounded) 50,000. 1.25% of population. Total US Population at the time.... 4 Million (including 700K slaves).

EXACTLY 84 YEARS LATER----------------

Civil War: Started in 1860. Total American Casualties (killed and wounded) 1.1 Million  3.2% of population. Total US Population at the time...31 Million (12.7% are slaves).

EXACTLY 84 YEARS LATER------------------------

World War II: For the US the war technically started on December 7th, 1941 with the attack on Pearl Harbor, but the US suffered the highest % of casualties in 1944. Exactly 84 years from the previous cycle.  Total American Casualties (killed and wounded) 1.05 Million. 0.7% of population. Total US Population at the time 132 Million.

EXACTLY 84 YEARS LATER  (NATO Vs. Russia/China)-------------------

nato vs russia

World War III. 2029-2032. Nuclear War. The war will be fought between NATO Members and Russia/China Coalition. Massive casualties. Most major cities or population centers with +1 Million people throughout the world will be Nuked.

(***Please note, I am very well aware that there were many wars in between the wars described above. World War I, Vietnam War, Korean War, Iraq/Afghanistan, etc... They do not count because they were not major wars. Even though tens of thousands of people have died, as per % of population such losses were small. For example, the total number of casualties in Vietnam (killed and wounded) were 200,000 or 0.01% of US Population at the time. Now, compare that to massive losses as per % of population in the wars described above. )

Why Do I Believe This Will Be A Nuclear War? 

My study shows that the weapon that were "brand new" at the preceding 84 cycle war are used on a massive scale during the next war. For instance, machine guns (Gatling Gun) were first introduced during the Civil War in 1861. Subsequently, they were used during the World War II on a massive scale, inflicting a devastating casualty count.

As you know, the first Atomic Bomb (Little Boy) was used by the US on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. Followed by Nagasaki on August 9th. If we take 84 years from those dates, it will bring us into the summer of 2029. Whether or not that's the exact date.......I refuse to say. A date of 2029-2032 is sufficient enough for our purpose.

Please note, there will be a multitude of signs right before the nuclear war starts. These sort of things do not happen in the vacuum and/or out of the blue. There will be plenty of news during that period of time that will allow you to narrow down the time frame and hopefully to save your family and yourself.



All wars repeat in cycles. In Part I of this report, I have shown you the major war cycle associated with all of the MAJOR American Wars. Unfortunately, the war is coming and cannot be stopped. Based on my stock market work, future is predetermined and cannot be altered.

Fundamental Reasons: 

Let's take a look at North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). 


NATO is a military alliance organization that consists of 28 countries. You can see the full list HERE.  It's membership consists mostly of the EU countries and North America. Obviously, the US is the largest superpower, force multiplier and policy driver. More or less, the treaty works as follows. If any of the NATO members are attacked, all other members must provide military support, assistance and equipment. Basically, if any of the member states are attacked, the entire NATO goes to war. NATO was originally created to counterbalance Soviet Russia after WW II.

Political Reasons:

You don't have to go very far to see the tension between Russia and the US  -OR- China and the US. Just turn the TV on. As I write this today, the relationship between Russia and the US has cooled to the point we haven't seen since the 1980's, before the Soviet Union broke up. All because of Ukraine. Whether or not the situation in Ukraine has been caused by the US or Russia is outside the scope of this discussion.

The major point I want you to understand here is this. Russia is fed up with the US due to NATO's expansion right up to its borders. Plus, the US keeps lecturing Russia on what to do and how to do it. Since no one likes being lectured, Putin is not only fed up with the US foreign policy, he is furious with it. His speech on March 18th, 2014 proves that without a shadow of a doubt.


With that said, we can anticipate Putin to be in power in Russia for as long as he wants. For as long as the US continues with it's policy against Russia (and I don't see it changing anytime soon) our relationship with Russia will continue to deteriorate.

China finds itself in a very similar situation. If you have ever been to China, you very well know that Chinese are very proud people. Just as Americans are. Yet, America cannot help itself but to shove it's god given "Righteousness", democracy and politics down Chinese throats. I can tell you this. This infuriates the Chinese to no end. Plus, China is trying to build a military superpower in the region only to be constantly undermined by the US with the help of Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines. Again, who is right or wrong here is outside the scope of this discussion.

The bottom line is this, both Russia and China are fed up with the US at this point in time. Further, given today's geopolitical and macroeconomic situation I see no reason for the situation to improve. Quite the opposite. I see the US relationship with both countries deteriorating further as all 3 superpowers fight for their own interests.

china russia love investwithalex

If you didn't know, China and Russia are both "communist" countries that go way back. In fact, until China started selling crap to the US, it was always expected that China and Russia would stand together. Vietnam War, North Korea, Communism Ideology, etc.... In fact, it wouldn't be wrong to describe China and Russia as having a "brotherly" relationship. You see the evidence of that at the United Nations, where Russia and China tend to support each other on important international issues.

In Summary: Both China and Russia are fed up with the US. On multiple levels. As the US and China/Russia relationship continues to deteriorate over the next 10-15 years, Russia and China will, once again, be forced to form an alliance. With the US/NATO flexing its military muscles, the alliance between Russia and China will eventually become a military alliance similar to NATO.

Economic Reasons: 

Most wars are triggered by economics, not ideology.  For example, Civil War was fought over cotton trade, not slavery.....Revolutionary War was fought over excessive taxes...not British rule and WWII was triggered by economic depression and war repatriations in Germany in the 1920s and the 1930s.

So, if you haven't noticed the US owes China $1.3 Trillion. With the US National Debt at over $17 Trillion, the US is one recession away from not being able to cover its interest payments. In a nutshell, we don't have the money to repay the Chinese. The only way out of this mess is for the US is to inflate its currency away. The FEDs have been trying to do just that over the last 10 years. Thus far, without too much success, due to a number of deflationary forces within the economy.

Based on my timing and mathematical work, that is about to change. The FED will be successful in getting inflation going after 2017. Slow at first, much faster after 2022. Basically, they will be able to inflate away the Chinese $1.3 Trillion or more.

This might not be a problem if China didn't face a massive economic slowdown over the next decade. It's own bear market so to speak. Chinese leaders will need someone to blame in front of their population and since the US will inflate its $1.3 Trillion away, China will point its finger where it belongs. Rightfully so. Of course, this will cause massive friction with China. In fact, I see this economic issue as the major trigger point that will eventually set this war off.

That is why I view macroeconomic and geopolitical issues between China/Russia and the USA/NATO as a major trigger point. You will see most of the issues I talk about come into light over the next few years. They will not get better. They will continue to deteriorate further from this point on.


This section will be a pure speculation, but we have a good reference point.

Looking at the Cuban Missile Crisis in the 1960 provides us with a perfect example. If you study the incident, Soviet Union and the US literally came a few minutes away from blowing each other up. The bombers were already in the air and both nations had their finger on the proverbial red button.  The scary part was, if one sailor or one pilot or one soldier would have made a simple mistake at that simple as accidentally firing their gun.....we would have had a nuclear war in the 1960. And that's the most important thing to remember.

kennedy investwithalex

It is difficult to predict exactly what will happen and how things will unfold, but we will eventually end up with some sort of a standoff between Russia/China Vs. USA/NATO. During that standoff a number of small skirmishes might eventually turn into an all out war and shortly thereafter, into a nuclear war.  A trigger might be as simple as a short firefight between a Chinese and an American soldier.

At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter what actually triggers it, the point is, the war will be triggered one way or another. 


No one will win. If the above scenario comes to fruition, as my stock market work indicates, billions (not millions) of people will die.  No one wins in a situation like that.  Most population centers throughout the world (particularly in China, Russia and the US) will be radioactive wastelands. Who cares who wins. Humanity as a whole will lose. Big time.


You have a number of options.

1.  You can dismiss me as a crazy person and that is totally fine by me. I will have a beer for you while sitting on a beautiful beach somewhere in the South Pacific as the War starts.

2. You can save this report and start watching macroeconomic and geopolitical developments over the next 10 years. What you will find is that this report was right on the money. You will see the US relationship with Russia/China deteriorate significantly over the next 10-15 years. You will also see China and Russia coming together and forming a military alliance. At that stage you will have two options.

  • Do nothing. You will eventually get vaporized or otherwise killed during the war.
  • Get away from major population centers and become self sufficient. Same applies to your family. Make sure you can protect yourself as well as sustain your family over a 10 year period of time.

Good luck everyone. We will need it. 

Also, before you dismiss me as  a complete whack job, perhaps you will have a little bit more respect for our scientific community and their prediction. Click Here

Did you enjoy this article? If so, please share our blog with your friends as we try to get traction. Gratitude!!!

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127 thoughts on “Nuclear World War 3 Is Coming Soon.When, How & Why (Full Report)

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  3. World War 1 was not a major war? In one fell swoop, you lose all credibility.

    Lose the tin foil hat…

    • Hey Jack,

      I suggest you learn how to read. I am talking about American wars, not European. Only 117,465 Americans lost their life in WW I, or 0.13% of populations. Which is nothing compared to the BIG American wars I mention in the article. Did I gain your credibility back? LOL

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  5. You make very serious claims. It all makes sense given your logic/reasoning providing it is true. I’d request for you to reveal your mathematical/timing work to everyone for this particular event because if this is true – people’s lives are affected. What you are doing is dangerous: Someone might take this seriously and make a huge decision that they may later regret. I think more evidence is required – otherwise it looks like some ploy to get people’s money by selling fear. You mention a 90% drop – could you show us how you got this calculation? Your entire book could be found on this website, is there really a use in hiding it? 3DV, cycle analysis… it’s all there in this website. If you reveal how you got this information, then you can probably save more lives if this is your mission. If you are trying to make money then this trick is amazing. However, if you are truly serious with this claim (seems like you are,) then more evidence is required besides “I did this calculation.. now believe me.”

    How do you account for the fact that the Chinese derive their wealth from America? Why would they cut their source of wealth?

    • Hi Jake,

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment. To be honest with you, my mathematical work will make very little sense here. I would have to convince people that my work is right to begin with. Plus, I have outlined an 84 year cycle that no one can deny. That should be sufficient enough. Further, I already said more than I should have. I am not interested in starting a movement. If people believe me….great….they can watch geopolitical events over the next 10-15 years and decide if I am right or full of BS. I am not telling anyone to run out and buy a bunker tomorrow. I make no money out of publishing this information. Take it as it is. In terms of China, it’s can be a very long conversation, but when Chinese government is on a brink of collapse they wouldn’t care where the wealth comes from. They will fight for their own survival. I hope this helps. Thanks again.

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  18. Russia is not communist. You are confusing Russia with the Soviet Union…..

    • Hi Dustin,

      Thank for your comment. I didn’t say Russia was communist. It’s next to impossible to put a label on what Russia is. My point was….Russia was a communist country and while the label changed, its power structure underneath the service continues to maintain the same kind of thinking. It is a unifying ideology that connects past to present….I guess that’s the best way to put it.

      • I was referring to this sentence: “If you didn’t know, China and Russia are both “communist” countries that go way back.”

        • Hi Dustin, Yes….please note ” ” around communist, suggesting that it is open to interpretation.

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  21. As I write this Russia is currently in agreement with China to supply billions of cubic meters of natural gas via a ‘western’ link pipeline. This agreement will begin a long standing financial agreement between the two nations which will also have an affect militarily. China and Russia will be the most powerful political and military alliance on the planet.
    I disagree with a gentleman who has predicted WW3 as starting in 2029 and ending in 2033. It is of my belief that WW3 will begin much sooner and possibly as soon as 2018. It really depends on three things. 1/ Whether the European Alliance gets it’s nose out of joint with the Russia/China alliance (this is VERY possible) 2? The USA gets involved in ANY way. 3/ Israel attacks the Palestinians.

    • Thank you for your comment Grant. Just as a correction, I didn’t say it will start in 2029. It is more accurate to say that it will start at some point between 2029-2033. There is a lot behind my timing work, so while I see your point, I respectfully disagree. Again, thanks for your comment.

  22. Hi Alex, thank you for your reply to my post. I suppose we can disagree as this is why we live in a democracy. I understand you have calculated a possible glitch in economic factors around 2029-2033 but I feel that the war may come due to different reasons. It has been 100 years since the outbreak of WW1, BUT the European War remains just as relevant today as Europe looks back this year, old wounds once again could be RUBBED RAW! I suppose in time we will see. The prophesies of Ezekiel chpts 38,39 may well be the Prophet’s prediction of the final conflict.

    • Hi Grant. Sure. I understand what you saying. My only problem is this. Every major war the US has been involved in was exactly 84 years apart. This number is not out of thin air. It represents something very important. As such, America will not be involved in a major war until 2029. Best regards…

  23. Ezekiel Chapters 38,39 Old Testament Authorised Bible in English, known as the KJV.

  24. Hi Alex, YES you do have a very STRONG point and it is amazing the accuracy with which that the wars America has been involved in are 84 years apart! This amazing pattern could be broken and only time will tell. The way politics are moving world wide and especially with Europe, Ukraine, Russia and China may see the possibility of the ’84 year’ rule being negated. ISRAEL is the key to ALL future wars. Now the Russians including the last CZAR Nicolas, blamed the JEWS for all European wars since and perhaps including the Napoleonic wars to the current date. The ‘JEWISH Intrigue’ as some say is why Hitler blamed the French and Americans for taking such harsh measures against Germany in the First War even though Germany WAS NOT actually defeated as an Armistice was agreed upon so that each of the warring nations could gather their forces and rebuild to again fight once more. Hitler believed the Versailles treaty to be damaging to the future prosperity of Germany. We know now that this was surely the case as Germany suffered the most of the European countries during the Great Depression which Hitler and now modern Historians believe was instigated by ‘Jewish Intrigue’
    I am NOT ant-semitic, just the opposite having some Jewish ancestry, but being an Historian I believe as do many others that the so called ‘Jewish Intrigue’ was very active in politics in the last 150 years or so.

    • Thanks Grant, from my experience these sort of cycles do not shift. They intensify in energy, but the timing remains the same. I am a great student of history, having been born in Russia and having some of my family go through the hell of WW2 and Gheto, I am very well aware of what you are saying. I guess, we can argue back and forth whether it’s coming in 2018 or 2029…only time will tell. Just be aware that these sort of things take a long time to develop. Russia&China Vs USA/NATO must hate each other or be on a brink of war before this can happen. It will take years to get there. Germany was going hell for close to 15 years before Hitler came to power and put it on the path to WW2.

      • Yes Alex but that was 96 years ago. Note that events moved a little more slowly in those days due to less advanced communications, but today with almost instantaneous communications, events propel at a much much faster rate. It will be of much interest to see what happens between the Ukraine and Russia and to see whether they look at Israel for a way out. Also the USA by their very nature, as history proves, can not keep their nose out of interfering in International politics.

        • I don’t think advanced communication has something to do with it. When Illuminati wants a war to happen in a certain year it will. They are always very precise in their dates and numerology is very important for them. in WW2 they also had instantaneous communication with radio etc, and thechnology was far more developed than in Civil War. I think it’s plausible the WW3 is planned for around 2029. The tension between China and US need to develop and US’ economy has to be worse.

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  27. You can’t predict the stock market… every one knows that… Even Wall street knows they can’t… you can anticipate trends, but even they are unpredictable. And you are talking about crunching numbers into 2030?

    • And 500 years ago everyone believed that the earth was flat. Yes, I am. I have spent the last 10 years breaking the mathematical code and I do what I claim. Feel free to read my book to learn more about it.

  28. Between february and may 2015 danguer time,stockmarket maybe strong down flash crash in february before tensión clymatic with oil in big levels and $ down hard?Maybe nothing happen but here have a Windows Big for Big attack or war.mmm…

  29. This is maybe time very danguer,aspects astrology jupiter sun around 6 february like began,pluton strong this month february with venus And mercury.Other reasons is the cycle in raw numbers,system forecast freedom,sign very weak in $ in next months to march-april 2015 And the bloodmoon date 4 april with solar eclipse tetrad 20 march 2015.February-may 2015 after risk low,this is the time.

  30. I agree with the way the whole thing pans out, however I see the start being much closer, given recent events. However the “button” may be pressed in your 2029-2032 time frame. Although it seems a bit too slow based on other wars.

    • Thank you Brandon. These sort of things sometimes takes years/decades to play out.

    • I will address this question in my book. It should be out over the next 4-6 weeks. Please look for it. Thanks for your comment.

  31. I can assure you that you’re wrong. The US economy will fully collapse within 3 years 100%! There is a war being waged right now against the US and it’s coming from all fronts. The most important part is it’s coming from within. Or borders are being over ran by an estimated 300k illegals a month and the number is rising. Within 3 to 4 years there will be an estimated 100 million illegals in the US. Do you think the economy can pay for there school and medical? ha what a joke! We’re already a burning plane heading swiftly down. There really is little hope at this point because the US government is a fruad. Maybe the only hope would be that all states leave the union and abolish this current fraud of a government and establish a new government from the republic. Now you can take that to the bank! Anyone can see our accelerated debt would not make it to 2030 without a collapse. Your beach home is impractical too. Best bet if billions of people die in a nuclear war is to go to a populated center and hug as many people as you can. You should know regardless of what religion you are… nothing can not be created or destroyed.

    ps good luck on your island because after a nuclear exchange of US (7500) NUKES and Russia (4500) nukes alone will send the earth into a nuclear winter/ice age. I’d rather be vaporized then be on an ice beach with a douche who thinks he can accurately predict when, how, and why Armageddon will happen.


  32. I wouldnt be so sure about south pasific. Tsunamis from nuke blasts could flood those low islands. A french soldier in napoleons army said, if you secure everything, you havent secured anything. So just wait and see, some unlucky ones does survive and wish they had died. And we dont need to wait until 2030.

  33. If it will turn out that America is behind the plane tragedy in Ukrain, they don’t need to hope for any help of the NATO. I think everyone will turn against America then. Big mistake made by America

  34. It won’t be 2029, it will be before that date. I believe next year something big will happen, things are starting to happen this year lining it up and it isn’t far away, certainly not 15yrs away. America does not want a war, it is weak where as Russia has spent more than any country of defence. Russia will win the next war along with China, it’s whoever fires first has the advantage as in todays world you can wipe out cities in 1 go. War is inevitable, it happens and is a huge cycle and a war is a good thing in the long run because it brings people together, forge new relationships and start in a new direction unfortunately people have to die and that is what will happen, millions will die. I have a spiritual belief anyway so when we die our spirit lives on and eventually we come back to the Earth in a new life to learn new things so in the bigger picture of things war will clear the air and things will move on.

  35. I Live in New Zealand 1 minute from the beach shame on you im already there suckers

  36. I find this article to be very interesting, recently I have been dreaming of war , and the Chinese invading Australia. Very scary!

  37. Isn’t it possible that WW3 is already happening. It is the War on Terrorism starting in 2001. Btw if see WW1 and 2 as 1 war, and you add 1914+84= 1998, that is close to 2001. It is possible that WW3 is happening now. And WW4 will be a nucleair war around 2029.

    • Dude the americans entered the war in 1917. If you add 84 to 1917 you get 2001. Thats weird when you think about it.

  38. Very interesting read. Impressed with the pattern 84 years. You can see events unfolding such as mentioned, and if WW3 is inevitable I think it will sooner though.

  39. I do believe that WWIII is being planned by our government,and will began around 2030. There has to be a reason why the government keeps letting so many illegals reside in this country. Its seem like the government will use these illegals to enroll in the military when the war brakes out, so that the can exchange military service for citizenship. I just moved from the Bay Area to get away from all of the illegals. I moved to Brooklyn and face the same thing, nothing but illegals. I made and attempt to enroll my daughter into public schools for the first time in six years and the school was too full for her to enroll. Most of the kids were foreigners. I figure that there has to be some logic as to why are government would allow all of these illegals to reside in our country.

    • It’s all about money. Illegals and foreigners will work for peanuts and still be far better off than where they came from. This then holds down the wage limits in the US so they can still compete with China economically. You only need look as far as the U.S. auto industry to see union wages for assembly line workers were out of this world and with 1 in 6 US workers in the auto industry that was an easy one to attack as the industry cried poor and tore up all of its union contracts. Then they trimmed all the fat and gave everyone a take it or leave it offer.
      It also artificially manufactures inflation on a grand scale. The actual inflation rate will stay with the trends but because wage rates drop like a rock the reality is inflation is massive.
      Remember to always follow the money and you will find the answers.

  40. I also heard someone else use the theory that America would go to war with China as a way of getting out of our dept.

  41. you are sooooooo right

    but im only 15 and i want to have fun but then my life would be short

    i wanted to join the marine corps but i dont want to die you know what i mean

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  43. I believe World War 3 is coming really soon, not in 2029-2033. I believe- since these major wars happened within 84 years of each other- that these years may be the time of chaos and confusion after the third World War. The aftermath of a nuclear war I would believe to be much worse: disease, contamination of biochemicals, people at each others’ throat, and pretty much complete Hell on Earth. The Lord will come soon for His children, now when that happens I can’t really say. I’d rather be ready for Him to take me than stay here to witness destruction and struggle with my Faith. After the humans have their war, God will then rage war on Satan and that will be the biggest war of all.

    People can call me a religious fanatic, a dreamer, or whatever, but that doesn’t matter to me. I know where I want to go and be with. For now, I want to bring happiness to others and Hope and Faith. I know something big is already in motion. For the past many years I have been in pain and in distraught because of poor choices of others and myself, but for some reason I finally feel happy and at peace like a barrier that kept me from my happiness has broken down at last. I’m about to be 25 years old and for once I feel ready for anything.

    Watch for the signs in the sky (the blood moons, eclipses) and you’ll feel in your heart its almost time. Even the weather on Earth has become chaotic and not just because we have internet and news to show us, but the intensity and increase in amount of disasters. As for the news, keep watching and listening and not just have the anticipation of when the next war is going to start. Next year, something is going to happen.

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  45. You are correct, that nuclear war is coming, but 15 years late in your predictions. WWIII starts at the end of January 2015, and no later than February 6th.

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  47. its an assumption the event will be war, there are several possibilities some of them are not so bad, their may be an abandonment of the stockmarket if global redistribution of wealth happens in a way that undermines the underpinnings of stock market, their may be a natural disaster.
    Their is a general understanding in the pacific their will be a war with china in 19 to 21 years time as chinas military will not be technically competent to win a war against the usa before then and the usa will impose its will upon china in a way that makes war inevitable which is already evidenced with current usa policy of refocussing naval and geopolitical force into the pacific, this is already widely understood and if you arrived at your conclusions by some system you could just as easily asked any competent politician in austrailia or nz or the usa or china or russia.
    The slant you put on the nuclear aspect is an invention and unsupported by your evidence. A war between the two major global powers even for a few weeks is enough to collapse the stockmarket in the modern environment.
    More interesting would be your analysis of 2015 2016 market collapse, repeat of banking intransigence and global attempt to use banks unsecured creditors, ie anyone with savings to prop up the system, last year usa can au uk nz ireland and others passed laws making this a legal action.
    It may not collapse the stockmarket but their is an imminent moneygrab that will make the babyboomers eyes water, my pick is 2016 after the confidence has returned to the system in 2015 following the wariness following the last smaller banking crash.

    • Quick note, I have never said the market will crash or collapse in 2015-2017. A bear market…..sure, but no crash will occur.

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  49. The time seems to be closer to me. It is interesting to note that uranus has an 84 year cycle through the zodiac

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  52. So please explain to me. If South African soldiers fought against russia and support NATO troops, why would they the join Russia and China. GO DO YOUR HOMEWORK BETTER!

    • LOL, I would do my homework better if your comment made any sense. I don’t believe I have said anything about South Africa… all

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  56. what about WWI in your cycles? WWI and WWII were only two/three decades apart….

    • Please note, I discuss this matter in both my book and report. WW 1 was not a major war FOR AMERICA.

  57. I agree with your argument that nuclear war is imminent, but your mathematical calculations or logics behind it are inaccurate based on some 10 year old calculations.

    Do u think, Mr.Putin is going to wait till 2029 to start a nuclear war. Or he will be in power till such time (the only person in Russia who can boldly stand against NATO). He spoke against the enemies that not even the Soviets dared to speak out, when he said do not mess with nuclear Russia, while speaking against economic sanctions on it for annexing Crimea.

    The nuclear war is coming sooner than your calculations. May be those were few incidences occurred but this time it is different.

    • America will start the war, not Russia. Yes, my calculations are exact and I stand by them. I doubt your “gut feeling” is indicative of anything.

  58. By the way I’m amazed you merely mentioned in your book, the event surrounding 9/11 just by saying a furious Osama planned the hijack and attacked by sitting somewhere in the mountains of Afghanistan.

    After all this research how could you believe what the government says about 9/11 . Do you really believe Osama started this new world order war. Don’t be silly Alex!! You better buckle up and do some study on that subject.

    • I don’t believe the government and I am familiar with all of the conspiracy theories you bring up. Yet, that was not the point I was trying to relate in the book. The point was, the things will do today will eventually come back to kick us in the ass. For instance, the economic attack against Russia, currently in progress, will eventually lead us all to WW3. Cheers.

  59. Hey Alex,
    Nice article for sure. Although I do agree with most of what was said and commend you for your research I think for anyone to think they know when this is going to happen (and it will) would be an educated guess much like the whole 2012 Mayan Calendar thing also based on math and research.
    Though I do not entirely agree with the time line of these events that is just my opinion, as you may certainly be correct. I have not researched the topic at hand to the depths you have, however I have been watching very closely for the last 14 years all geopolitical happenings around the world (South pacific, Baltics, Mid East, Argentina/UK issues, Venezuela ect…) and to be honest as others have said I think this will happen much sooner than we think.
    The geopolitical climate of todays world is very fragile, I would say that we are currently teetering on the edge of nuclear war at this very moment. As close or closer then that of the tension that existed during the first cold war.
    Difference now is that there are way more players now and some of those players are wild cards (Pakistan, India, North Korea, Israel) the chances of a miscalculation right now is so high I doubt that we could last another 10 years without incident. If the middle east goes to war it is likely that they will try to gang up on Israel again much like the 6 day war. this time however the Muslims have more modern weaponry than that of the late 60’s where Israel had state of the art weapons and the Muslims were using ww2 tech.
    If the Muslims attack the Jews the Jews will nuke someone as there is NO WAY they will ever let themselves get even close to extermination again.
    plus they seem to over react on a regular basis. If this happens then India and Pakistan may as well start launching their nukes too.
    If the middle east thing doesn’t happen sure…

    To the south pacific, We all must realize and understand the hate and the history that exists in this region. Also with Orientals that Face is everything…
    In light of this lets bring up Vietnam and North Korea,
    North Korea (the real Korea) was robbed by the USA of half of its country in the 50’s and the only reason they are still there is because China helped them take half of their country back. Not because they believed that the N Koreans had a right to the land but because they absolutely do not want the US Military on its front door step. Therefore N Korea or DPRK acts as a buffer between China and the USA currently stationed in Japan and South Korea.
    N Korea has been building up for 60 years spending all of its money on its military and is actually a very formidable army as far as numbers go.
    technology not so much. The North Koreans however have a line of artillery along their border (most dangerous DMZ in the world) I believe 15000 to 20000 pcs of artillery aimed at Seoul S Korea. These pcs of artillery can fire 5 rounds in a minute so even if America tried to air strike this line it is guarantied that there will be at least 10000 pcs of artillery raining down on should with in the first 5 minutes of conflict. Nobody could fathom the losses of this and it would most certainly cause nuclear war. This will not happen unless the Chinese give N korea the go ahead however, I think anyways…. Who really knows what the DPRK is thinking. All I know for sure is they are going to have to use their military soon or they will starve themselves out and have wasted all of that time and money on military equipment that was never used which makes no sense…
    they almost have no choice but to use it.
    I wont really get into Vietnam too much… All I will say here is that this was another example that we do not want to get ourselves involved in a war with Orientals… They just think on a completely different level, the casualties they are willing to accept versus us in the west…

    The USA Needs to be very careful of its next move. It seems they are either trying to deliberately destabilize the world because they are falling and they want to take everyone down with them … Or they are dumb which I doubt as im sure that there are think tanks that go over this kind of stuff all the time and advise officials accordingly.

    I don’t know… just a rant
    Thanks Alex!

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  61. Hi
    I belong to Pakistan I read in the internet that Pakistan will be the Participant or victim of WW3 Nuclear war so tell me Which country will be safe from any type of effect from WW3
    I am thinking about FIJI , Malaysia ,North Cyprus ,Istanbul Turkey So Please reply which place will be safe My Email address is

    • Hello,

      Please get my free book on this subject on my website. I discuss that topic there in great detail. Thanks

      • I agree with the war and all… But your bat shit crazy saying Hilary will be president…. Who would vote for her after bengazi….

        • Well, I wouldn’t, but apparently a lot of people would. Have you seen the polls.

          • Fantastic head on your shoulders Alex! This makes sense, alot of sense! I just don’t see any survival for anyone. No chance in your theory that citizens take arms and rush the governments that enslave them? I feel this would be the only way out. But yet I’d admit I’m kinda dumb lol. With me admitting my lack of IQ, i would also question extraterrestrial interference. Ww3 will end this planet for a long time no doubt. I see the past wars as kids play that could be watched from afar without worry. This time tho maybe (along with the influx of movies of the like) its a do or die scenario For a race that took billions of years to evolve. either way twas a great read and I enjoyed your opinion!

          • Thanks Jake. Much appreciated. The first sign of intelligence is admitting that you don’t know anything. I do it every day. That puts you 99.9% ahead of everyone else. Cheers!!!!

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  65. Hi Alex,

    I read your article twice. You do describe, if I do understand you correctly, a mathemathic calculation to forecast WW3, which you than base on American major warperiods of 84 years. I do have a questions to that. What made you take American wars as a base for calculating the war periods and not, for example, Chinese wars or Russian wars, as they play, in your opinion, the same role of starting WW3? Second, I believe it to simple, stating religion does not play a role in warfare, as Europe was drowning in countless wars, which nearly killed half of the european population in the mediaval age. I would like to mention the crussades, which leaped over half the world … That was in a time before America. So, I do believe if this calculation is true, it is the first mistake using America as a calculation base, because the country only exists for a bit over 400 Years and is simply too young. I do agree though, that even though it exists for only 400 Years, America managed to have a similar unbelievable high bodycount as 5000 Year old China, and is likewise dangerous, no, more dangerous.

    • Hi Alan,

      The simple answer is as follows. Without getting into a discussion that will never end. The US is a major military superpower. Only Russia can match it. As a result it will be the primary player. Other countries have their own war cycles, but this one is the key. Simply put, when the US fights all out, as will be the case here, it will be a war to end all wars. Cheers!!!!

  66. Dear Alex ,
    I have gone thru ur predictions and ue work out for 84 yrs.repeated performances of word wars appear to be accurate . but I pray almighty god to save world and earth form this catastrophe .some one our of Russia, America must learn lessons from their past mistakes and deeds hurting the lacs of innocents thru out the world dying for no faults of theirs

    • That is my hope as well. However, just watch the presidential debates in the US. They all want war. Crave war would be the best way to describe it. Unfortunately, there is no way to stop it.

      • of course where there is will , there is way it is an old proverb and i m sure that thru UNO if rules are striengent & made to follow by all member countries, then concrete result will see the change definitely but if UNO is working with dilly dally tactics , then there will be catastrophe as expected & anticipated by we all thanks

  67. My wife and I are selling our house and currently making definite plans to leave usa and head to the south pacific specifically because of the reasons you have highlited in your important article…i didn’t need to read your info to know what’s coming but I hope others read it and get prepared..this isn’t some silly doomsday paranoia. Man is by nature violent and therefore there will always be war and each progressive war will be more destructive. Mans inhumanity to man. May God have mercy on us.

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  70. So I should move to the South Pacific? I don’t want to be involved in this whole stupid mess. I just want to live. How much money would I need before I could move to the South Pacific ? Also can you email me, I have a few questions if you don’t mind.

      • So if everything does happen what should I do? Not what should I O but how can I protect myself and my family? I’m not rich, no where near it, I don’t have a lot of money tucked away, I’m just an average 20 year old black male. Just a little shaken up about the whole thing because you can find a lot of proof about these things.

        • Hi Dwayne,

          Please get my book on the subject matter here. It’s free and go into great detail about what to do. You don’t need a lot of money. Just position yourself towards self-reliance and get out of the way when the time is right. Timing is available in the book. Money will become meaningless anyway.

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  81. please tell me if you have any updated new information on world war 3 for instance are scalar weapons powerful enough to wipe out the whole earth??? thank you

  82. have you pinpointed the exact 2 week period that the war will start???I’m talking about the stock market going down 95% in 2 weeks pleas reply because that’s very important to know. Thank you very much

  83. Hi Alex,
    Was just analysing WW I & WW II astrologically and came to a conclusion that it would start around was searching online if any one meets these points..and I am here..good analysis (money is the reason part)
    My understanding on WW 1&2 as below,
    WW1 – july 1914 to September 1918 – Uranus + SATURN in Gemini & Jupiter 8th house from Sat , mars aspect on Jupiter
    WW2 – September 1939 to September 1945 – Uranus + SATURN (Retro)+ JUP(Retro) conjoin in Aries/Taurus

    WW3 – starts in 2032 as Uranus + SATURN + Jupiter will conjoin , MARS aspect will trigger..
    This is half analysis charts ( USA / RUSSIA / CHINA etc should also show this..) . In case..I found accurate birth charts of these and it DOESNOT tally..will come back here and give good news.

    Hope I will be wrong..and we stay in peace 🙂

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