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Timed Value: The Secret Behind Timing The Stock Market:  Have you ever wondered if it was possible to generate outsized investment returns by timing the stock market and/or individual stocks with great precision? If you have, this book is for you. Financial media and most financial professionals would lead you to believe that such a task is impossible. Yet, Timed Value challenges this traditional assumption head on by presenting a clear cut case that the stock market is not random, on the contrary, it is precise. Read More>>>> - Buy From - Kindle ($49.99)  Buy Directly - ($29.99)   SAVE 40%. 

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The Hunt For 10 Baggers: How to Easily Find Stocks That Are About To Surge 10X Or More. That is precisely the question this book attempts to answer. This book looks at 5 individual stocks that have appreciated at least 10X over the last 5-25 years. Then, by combining fundamental, technical and timing/mathematical analysis this book takes an in depth look at what factors were important and what might have triggered these Tenbaggers to initiate their massive multiyear stock market rallies. Finally, this book attempts to become a definitive guide on how to identify, analyze and take appropriate positions in future Tenbaggers. In other words, read the book to learn how to identify future Tenbaggers, invest in a few and the grandkids of your grandkids will never have to work. (93 standard book pages)
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The Nuclear World War 3 Is Coming Soon: Shocking TIME Formula Reveals Exactly When How & Why. Learn When and Save Your Family.  The title says it all. However, if you do need more information, please CLICK HERE (74 standard book pages)