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As you very well know, this industry is full of BS. From traders who never have a losing trade to secret formulas that lead to untold riches. You will not find any of that here and I am willing to put my money where my mouth is. To some, the calls below might appear incredible. And they are. They are based on close to 10-years of full time research into highly advanced mathematical/timing work and its application to the stock market (to learn more click here).

This is where my guarantee comes in. I welcome you to check our 14-day free trial where you will have access to ALL of my current and previous forecasts. Read through them. If, after reviewing my previous forecasts and trades, you find that I have misidentified or misrepresented any of the calls you see below in a material way, I will write you a $100,000 check. It is as simple as that.

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My Recent Market Calls 

November 2015 Top Explanation and subsequent market action. 

February Chart

I first introduced my TIME turning point of November 27th (+/- 2 trading days) to my subscribers in early September of 2015. At that point I have suggested that this TIME turning point is one of the most powerful TIME turning points of the year. Just as strong as May 19th TIME turning point was.

As the market bottomed (higher low) on September 29th and then surged higher it became evident that Nombember 27th would be a top and not a bottom.  As a result, I then introduced the elliptical structure above. Displaying clear resistance levels.

To summarize, as we pushed into this top we knew two things.

  1. The exact TIMING – Nobember 27th and…
  2. The price level where the market is likely to top out (at resistance).

In fact, this is the chart to my subscribers, first posted in our subscriber section on October 31st, 2015. Before the projected top was put in and subsequent decline.

feb 3 chart

Actually, this top was quite a bit uglier than the work above indicates. The actual PRICE top on the Dow arrived on November 3rd. The top on our TIME turning point of November 27th was slightly lower (secondary top).  Then,  the market proceeded to run into our elliptical resistance at lower levels twice more. Once on December 17th and once on December 29th, before the massive sell-off in early January. I discuss why we had those attempts at resistance in our subscriber section in greater detail.

The chart above also helps explain the market action thus far and most importantly, what happens next.  There are two things to consider at this time……

  1. The market will remain within a tight trading range until the elliptical structure above terminates. My subscribers know the exact date and price of such termination.
  2. Something incredibly important will happen as soon as this structure terminates. Unfortunately, what that is, is only available to my subscriber.

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August 24th, 2015 Bottom, September 17th, 2015 Top and September 29th, 2015 Bottom

Please click on the links below to see an in depth explanation of how we were able to pick out these tops/bottoms and our associated margin of error.

Market call 2

How We Nailed May 19th, 2015 Top

As the Dow pushed higher in mid May, 95% of market pundits, money managers and economists were predicting the Dow 20,000 by the end of the year. I was NOT in that camp. Not by a long shot. On the contrary, I was building into 100% short position at the time and so were my subscribers. Here is why.....take a look at the chart below.

My subscribers first saw this chart in early April of 2015.


At that time, April of 2015, my basic forecast was as follows (without getting into intricacies of it). 

  1. The Dow will remain within the confines of the elliptical structure above until the ellipse terminates at the right hand side mid-point in late July of 2015.
  2. The market will not move fast or we will remains within the confines of a low energy market until we terminate the ellipse in late July. But as soon as we do, energy levels and volatility should spike higher. In other words, we will move fast.

Here is the actual outcome:

1 ellipse

Pay particularly close attention to the following.

  1. We had a very powerful TIME turning point arriving on May 19th (+/- 1 trading day)
  2. The market ran right into elliptical resistance at the same time.
  3. Plus, wedge compression line terminated at the same time.

All of that was indicative of a major top being put in place. So, while everyone was extremely bullish, I was telling my subscribers....

"Do not wait for elliptical termination point, go short NOW. We are unlikely to see these top levels again anytime soon."

Finally, notice what has happened right after the market fell out of the ellipse. Just as suggested above, we have had a major spike in volatility and the market covered more ground to the downside in 7 trading hours, than it did in the 3 months prior. I have had quite a few blog posts prior to that, warning people of the same. For instance, Is Our Historically Boring Market About To Get Exciting? You Bet - Published on July 31st, 2015

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August 1st, 2015: Still NOT updating (see below), but to see how amazingly accurate our Intraday forecasts can be, please click on the following link. How We Missed Monday’s Bottom By 1 Point On The Dow

July 1st Update: Please Note: I am currently NOT updating this section due to a certain structure developing within the stock market. A structure that will lead to a violent move ahead...up or down. A structure that my subscribers are very well aware of and its exact completion date. I will update this section once the resulting move completes itself. In the meantime, I continue to call short-term tops and bottoms in our subscribers section. For instance, May 19th and 28th tops, etc... Maybe it's time to Subscribe. 

March 2nd, 2015 Top Call: Going into the end of February my subscribers knew that we were facing a major turning point at the Dow 18,320 (+/- 50 points) and that it would occur on February 27th (+/- 1 trading day). If you are wondering, yes, +/- 1 trading day included March 2nd. My advice was also rather simple, to go short right at the top. The actual top arrived on March 2nd at the Dow 18,288. Not bad.

market call 1

February 2nd, 2015 bottom call:  In my weekly update to my premium subscribers on January 31st, 2015 I have identified February 3rd, 2015 (+/- 1 trading day) at the Dow 17,050 (+/- 50 points) as a possible turning point. Further, I suggested that if the Dow is to stop there and reverse, it would be highly likely we experience a substantial bounce. Just as we did.

Feb 2 2014 bottom

December 26th, 2014 top call: My subscribers knew as early as mid December that the Dow is likely to top out on December 27th at 18,100 (+/- 50 points). The Dow topped out on December 26th at 18,103. I started to build into my short positions as soon as various technical confirmations arrived. By January 31st, 2015 the Dow was down 5.2%.

Dow 2014 December call

December 5th, 2014 top and December 16th, 2014 bottom calls: A forecast was provided in November that the Dow is likely to top out in early December at 17,990 (+/- 50 points). The actual top was hit on December 5th at 17,991. Once a technical confirmation was received, I started to initiate a short position. December 16th was then identified as a potential bottom in both price and time. As soon as a confirmation was received, all short positions were covered. No long positions were established at the time due to a large upside gap and the forecast above (upcoming top).

daily chart ADecember17Aforecast 2014January 2014: 10-Year Note: Position originated on January 2,2014. Still holding (Dec. 2014) as per our long-term forecast.

10-Year Note IWA

2014 FORECAST SUMMARY: Please see explanation below. 

Dow - IWA

  1. Top identified. Decline anticipated.
  2. Bottom identified. Bounce predicted.
  3. Wedge identified. Top identified in both price/time. Sell-off predicted.
  4. Bottom anticipated and identified.
  5. Top identified. Short position established.
  6. Bottomed identified. Short position covered, long position established.
  7. Long position liquidated. What most people don't realize is how close we came to a 1987 style "stock market crash" sequence initiation at this point. We were literally 2 days away from confirming a market crash. And even thought the crash didn't materialize, it is nice to know when a possible crash can develop. No other service can do that. (No short position was established as there was no confirmation).
  8. Top predicted and identified. Short position established and subsequently covered around December 16th bottom.

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